TopiVac Medium V2
Professional Hybrid Topical Wound Therapy T-NPWT Device

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TopiVac Medium V2

New Technology
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Professional Wound Care
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O2 Treatment Hybrid Topical Burnt and Wound Therapy Devices



TopiVac Medium V2 Professional Type Hybrid Topical Wound Therapy Device
Topical Vacuum Oxygen Treatment Applied, Irrigation, Vacuum Assisted Wound and Burnt Therapy Device

TopiVac Medium V2
TopiVac Medium V2
500 cc Canister

TopiVac Medium V2 Type Professional Hybrid Topical Wound Treatment Device and dressing; are an active hybrid system that applies controlled local negative pressure that supports healing in noninvasive acute, infected and chronic wounds and irrigates the wound centre with topical fluids. It increases the life quality of the patient and reduces the treatment costs. It heals wounds faster and more effectively than conventional vacuum assisted devices on the market. It enables clinical studies for physicians.

TopiVac, Wound Care Device is a non-invasive wound treatment method developed by TEKNOMAR, which has proven itself in wound healing. This treatment unit is needed to apply topical hybrid treatment methods to the wounded area.

TopiVac Medium V2 Type Professional Hybrid Topical Wound Treatment Device has a wide variety of disposable consumable components.

Topical Hybrid treatment is provided by the dressing set applied to the wounded area specially produced for the device.

Hybrid Wound Treatment Methods Applicable With Topivac Medium V2 Device

Vacuum Assisted Therapy T-NPWT

Conventional vacuum assisted therapy standard negative pressure wound dressing; It is an active system that supports healing in non-invasive acute and chronic wounds and applies controlled local negative pressure. It is known that the negative pressure wound closure system accelerates tissue healing by increasing microcapillary circulation, but cannot prevent the development of infection in a closed environment and does not provide enough removal of necrotic material.

Vacuum Assisted Therapy & Wound Irrigation

Conventional vacuum assisted therapy + oxygenated water or bidistillated water

Gas Therapy

Oxygen (O2) Gas

Vacuum Assisted Therapy & Gas Therapy (O2)

Conventional vacuum assisted therapy + Oxygen (O2) Gas

Vacuum Assisted Therapy & Gas Therapy (O2) & Wound Irrigation

Conventional vacuum assisted therapy + Oxygen (O2) Gas + Oxygenated water, bidistillated water

Irrigation Negative Pressure Wound Dressing

In addition to being a system that supports healing in non-invasive acute and chronic wounds and applies controlled local negative pressure, the application of the MultiDRESS closure set ensures homogenized distribution of the irrigation solution sent to the wound centre from the wound edges to the wound center, and necrotic tissue is removed from the wound from a different channel without touching the healthy tissue. In this way, the risk of infection is minimized.

TopiVac Clinic V4 Screen
TopiVac Clinic V2 Screen
Wound Irrigation With Oxygenated Bidistillated Water

Topivac Clinic, delivers the oxygen and oxygenated liquid in MultiCASE to the wound centre with the MultiDRESS wound closure set before irrigation.

It provides faster removal of necrotic material thanks to its microdeformation. Collagen synthesis, cell division and acceleration of cell growth have an effect on wound healing.

TopiVac consists of a device and set that can be used in the treatment of burn wounds and all kinds of open wounds, both to create a vacuum to provide subatmospheric pressure on the wound and to create negative pressure on the closure set, and to create the oxygen, ozone and moisture required for the rapid healing of the wound.

TopiVac is developed by inspiring HBO (Hyperbaric Oxygen) along with considering current ozone, oxygen, instillation and electrostimulation/tens treatments.

With the application of all these treatments with a single device, obstacles to the normal healing process of the tissue are removed, complications, hospitalization period and cost are reduced.It prevents tissue dryness by providing a sterile and moist environment required to preserve tissue functions in the wound, and removes excess exudate and toxic substances from the wound centre without drying the wound area.

TopiVac Medium V2
TopiVac Medium V2 Connection Diagram

TopiVac; by diffusing the oxygen it gives to the wound centre directly to the cell thanks to its special wound closure pads, it accelerates the healing process at the cellular level, prevents the reproduction of anaerobic bacteria and helps to strengthen the leukocyte activation in the wound area.

TopiVac Medium V2 Device; thanks to oxygen gas, eliminates infection and prevents re-infection. It provides the revitalization of organic functions and the activation of the immune system at cellular level.

TopiVac; It is an advanced technology treatment system that allows the burn tissue and wound to heal quickly and in suitable conditions, away from the risk of infection. Thanks to specially designed wound closure pads, it starts the healing process by delivering oxygen and ozone under negative pressure to the wound without damaging the tissue.

TopiVac Medium V2
TopiVac Medium V2

With all these features, TopiVac is a user-friendly system that provides high comfort and safety to the patient at low cost.

TopiVac, thanks to specially designed wound closure pads; It performs wound irrigating from the wound area and directly to the wound centre. In this way, it enables the necrotic tissue to move away from the wound without touching the healthy tissue. It minimizes the risk of infection by making exudate suction from different channels.

TopiVac Medium V2 Device can perform wound irrigating with oxygenated water, bidistillated water and also other medical fluids determined by the physician according to the method of treatment, depending on the condition of the wound. If desired, it can be applied only oxygen therapy without vacuum thanks to the closure pads.

TopiVac Medium V2 Device, thanks to the easy-to-use main and intermediate menu of the device, it allows you to apply the right treatment to the patient in the fastest way according to the wound or burn type. With its user-friendly software that you can apply ready-made recipes; It provides the fastest application of the most accurate treatment specific to the patient and the wound.

It is easy to carry thanks to its ergonomic structure and legs. It is made of antibacterial and cleanable material suitable for use in wards and intensive care units.

Operating Principles
  • Removes exudate and necrotic material from wound centre,
  • Provides a sterile, humid environment to maintain tissue functions,
  • Accelerates the healing process with the oxygen given to the wound centre,

TopiVac Medium V2 Unlike the known vacuum assisted closure dressings, it is a complex system and treatment method.

TopiVac V2 - TopiSet's Case, Practice and Clinic Visual Examples

infected necrosis bed pressure sores  - Before
Case 1: Before Treatment

Infected necrotic bed pressure wound after treatment, granulation tissue formation with topivac
Case 1: 9 Days Later

knee trauma implant fracture wound  - Before
Case 2: Before Treatment

knee trauma implant fracture wound Later
Case 2: 9 Days Later

diabetic foot, infection and necrosis diabetes wound, debrided wound - Before
Case 3: Before Treatment

Post-treatment diabetic foot, infection and necrotic sugar wound, granulation of debrided wound, wound healing
Case 3: 3 Days Later

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