TopiVac Electrotens Topical Wound Closure Dressing Sets
Topical Hybrid Electrotens Wound Closure and Dressing Sets

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TopiVac TopiSet

New Technology
Technologic Product Experience Certificated

Professional Wound Care
The First and Only In The World

E –Tens, Hybrid Topical Burnt and Wound Therapy Dressing Sets


TopiVac / TopiSET E-Tens Hybrid Topical Wound Therapy Unit and Set are the first in the world, new treatment method and system developed by TEKNOMAR, designed to be used in the treatment of acute, chronic, bedsore, diabetic and burn wounds.

TopiVac Hybrid Wound Therapy Set Components
TopiVac Hybrid Wound Therapy Set Components

The TopiVac / TopiSET system is a new hybrid professional wound therapy system. Unlike classical NPWT in SUT; It irrigates and moisturizes the wound centre at the same time under vacuum, performs gas (O2/O3) therapy, electro TENS therapy and pain therapy. Thanks to it, there is no need for silver etc. products. Performs with a minimum efficiency of up to 50% in the healing of 3rd and 4th degree burns and infected wounds. Also, it is a state-of-the-art technology product that saves the limb without amputation, improves the quality of life of the patient and increases the success of the treatment of the physician.

What is the Effectiveness and Difference of TopiVac-TopiSET from Other Vacuum Assisted Wound Care Products on the Market?

TopiVac E.TENS Hybrid Topical Wound Therapy Unit and Set;

  • Removal of necrotic materials and dissolution of necrotic tissue due to homogeneous irrigating of the wound centre,
  • No needed for the use of silver, etc. materials and antibiotics thanks to topical gas (O2/O3) application
  • Providing tissue oxygenation and disinfection, preventing infection
  • Useable in infected wounds
  • Providing tissue granulation, formation of polarization, acceleration of healing thanks to electrotherapy.
  • Reducing the patient's pain with TENS.

It is more effective than other wound care products with its features and effectiveness.

Unlike conventional treatments and processes that take months, the wound becomes grafted in a much shorter time and the patient is entrusted to the physician.


Functional Differences of TopiVac/TopiSET from Other Vacuum Assisted Wound Care Sets on the Market
Applications - Functions TopiSET Classic NPWT
Device and Set
Irrigation NPWT
Device and Set
Drawing Exudate With Vacuum + + +
Irrigation With Distilled Water+ - +
Irrigation With O2 Water+ - -
Irrigation With O3 Water+ - -
O2 Gas Therapy+ - -
O3 Gas Therapy+ - -
Pain Therapy With Tens+ - -
Wound Disinfection+ - -
Using in Infected Wound+ - -
Moisturizing+ - -
Irrigation the Wound Centre+ - -
Irrigation Under Vacuum+ - -

MultiDress Set

The wound closure sets for the TopiVac Clinic V4 - HYBRID Wound Treatment System, thanks to its patented design and technology, allow multiple treatments to be applied simultaneously to the wound. It is also called MultiDRESS in order to emphasize the multi-functional usage feature.

Hybrid  Wound Closure and Dressing Sets
Topical Hybrid E.TENS Wound Closure and Dressing Sets

Thanks to its unique design, MultiDRESS is the first and only system that allows simultaneous application of irrigation fluids and / or therapy gases to the wound centre at sub-atmospheric pressure. According to the classic drapes, the exudates suction zone and the gas / irrigation zones are different from each other.

MultiCase + BiDistillated Water

MultiCase is a multi-functional system generator and irrigation cartridge specially designed and manufactured for TopiVac Medium Hybrid Wound Treatment System used in wound irrigation and moisturizing processes. With the help of its original design and advanced features of the system, it increases the effectiveness of the treatment by increasing the wound treatment options in the wound irrigation process.

MultiCase is a system specific to TopiVac, which is used in wound treatment by passing oxygen(O2) or ozone (O3) gas produced by the ozone generator in the system through the bidistillated water, which is kept sterile and used in wound irrigation process, by converting it to ozonized or oxygen- saturated water.

These options can be used depending on the treatment preferences of the physician, improving the efficiency of the irrigation process, facilitating infection control and accelerating the wound healing process.

TopiSET / MultiDRESS Subcomponents


MultiCase, Canister, Deionized Water, Tens, Electrods, MultiDress, Oxygen Connectors, Scale, Medical Foam, Medical Drape, Skin Cleaner, Single Use Dressing Kit, Medical Waste Bag..

MultiDRESS (Small / Medium / Large Sizes)

Vacuum, Irrigation and Gassing Double Ventouse Foam Set.
For, TopiVac® MEDIUM V2 and TopiVac® Professional CLINIC V4 Devices.

MultiCASE 1000 ml. (Includes 500 Ml De-ionized Water)

It is used for oxygenating Bidistillated water and obtaining Oxygenated Bidistillated water in wound moisturizing and irrigating. It is also used to ozonize Bidistillated water and to obtain ozonized Bidistillated water.

Exudate Collecting Unit

(500 - 1000 ml.) Exudate Collecting Unit

TopiVac PU Medical Grade 400-600 Por Vacuum Assisted Wound Treatment Foam with Spiral

Sizes R10, 10x10, 6x15, 13x20 Elips, 20x20, 15x30, 20x30, 30x30, 25x45 cm.


Burnt and Wound Ozone Therapy Hand OzoneBag Set ((Small/ Medium/ Large Sizes))


Burnt and Wound Therapy Foot – Leg OzonBag Set ((Small/ Medium/ Large Sizes))


Burnt and Wound Therapy Body OzonBag Set ((Küçük / Orta / Büyük Boyutlarda))

TopiVac Y Connector

PINCH Valve O2 / O3 Generator Connection Hose

TopiVAC ElectroTENS Body Cable
TopiVAC Electrostimulation TENS Electrode
500 cc. Sterile BiDistillated Water

TopiVac – TopiSet’s Case, Practice and Clinic Visual Examples

Penis and Testicle Infected Traumatic Wound
Case 1: Before Treatment

Penis and Testicle Infected Traumatic Wound After Treatment
Case 1: 3 Days Later

Traumatic Wound Fixator After Traffic Accident
Case 2: Before Treatment

Post Treatment Traumatic Wound Fixator
Case 2: 15 Days Later

nfected Tunneled Pressure Sore
Case 3: Before Treatment

Pressure Infected Tunnel Wound After Treatment With Granulation
Case 3: 9 Days Later

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