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Amedus is a Teknomar® Group company.

Amedus and TopiVac Wound Care Product Family offer treatment services determined in wound and chronic wound care with modern approaches.

Amedus, especially health; It took part in the Scientific Research Projects of universities, in the design and production of special projects, and continues to add value to our country's economy with its ongoing projects and exports to more than 40 countries.

Our company has ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Quality management system certificates and its products are CE certified in accordance with 93/42 / MDD.

Teknomar Group CEO
Hasan Tahsin ÖZBEK

Hasan Tahsin ÖZBEK
Hasan Tahsin ÖZBEK

I am happy and proud to be the CEO of TEKNOMAR GROUP Family.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the institutions and organizations we work with, especially my colleagues who have made great contributions to our achievement.

Amedus® Quality Policy

As Topivac manufacturing company and distribution company AMEDUS®, our mission is to increase the life quality of the society and contribute to the development of medicine; To provide the society with preventive and curative health production services at the highest level reached by medicine, in a common and integrated structure, under favorable economic conditions,

By enabling academic studies and scientific research in the field of Wound Treatment of Health Sciences, to support the development of new knowledge and applications in the field of health-related wound treatment, to expand and develop our sales network with production staff who are high-grade and dedicated to themselves their professions,

Providing our customers with products and services in the field of Burn and Wound Care without compromising quality and ethical values, exceeding expectations every time,

To follow the developments in technology quickly and effectively, to transform hospitals and wound treatment units into reliable products that increase their performance, With our effectiveness, our ability to solve and our organizational efficiency; To increase the value we add to our customers, shareholders, employees, society and the environment by using all our resources effectively, to provide an open, honest and reliable production service without compromising scientific and conscientious ethics and principles,

To be a pioneering international reference center in scientific research and new applications, To give an example of a management and operating system that enables continuous improvement and innovation by using continuous training, measurement and improvement methods, To offer high quality healthcare production service at the most affordable prices, focused on the satisfaction of the patients, health institutions and organizations and employees,

To create one of the first examples in our country with our production areas, our easy-to-reach virtual accessibility, our facilities in coordination with each other, contributing to the increase of the health awareness of our society.

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