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Topivac Medium Consumables
Negative Pressure Wound & Treatment Therapy Device

ISO 9001 • ISO 13485 • CE

Professional Wound Care

Hybrid Topical Burn and Wound Treatment Dressing Sets with Electro Tense


TOPIVAC / TopiSET Hybrid Topical Wound Treatment Unit and Sets are a new treatment method and system designed to be used in the treatment of acute, chronic, pressure, diabetic and burn wounds. Conventional vacuum-assisted therapy, standard negative-pressure wound dressing; is an active system, assisting recovery in non-invasive acute and chronic wounds and applying controlled and local negative-pressure.

Negative-pressure wound dressing system accelerates tissue repair by increasing microcirculation, but it is also known to be insufficient for preventing the development of infection in a confined area and for fending off necrotic material.

What is the TOPIVAC® / TopiSET's differences between other brands?

TOPIVAC® Medium Hybrid Topical Wound Treatment Unit and Sets;

  • Washing of the wound bed in a homogeneous manner, removal of necrotic materials, dissolution of necrotic tissue.
  • No need for the use of silver, etc. materials and antibiotics with liquid application with topical gas (O2 / O3)
  • Can be used in infected wounds
  • Providing tissue granulation by means of electrode therapy, formation of polarization, acceleration of healing.
  • Reduce the pain of the patient with TENS.

Its features and activities are more effective and efficient than other wound care products.


Differences of TOPIVAC®/TopiSET
Applications - Functions TopiVac / MultiDRESSClassical NPWT
Device and Set
NPWT Device and Set
With Irrigation
Drawing Exudate With Vacuum + + +
Irrigation With Distilled Water + - +
Irrigation With O2 Water + - -
Irrigation With O3 Water + - -
Wound Disinfection + - -
Using in Infected Wound + - -
Moisturizing + - -
Washing the Wound Bed + - -
Washing Under Vacuum + - -

MultiDress Set

The wound closure kits for the TopiVac Medium V2 - HYBRID Wound Treatment System, thanks to its patented design and technology, allow multiple treatments to be applied simultaneously to the wound.

It is also called MultiDRESS in order to emphasize the multi-functional usage feature. Thanks to its unique design, MultiDRESS is the first and only system that allows simultaneous application of wash fluids and / or therapy gases to the wound bed at sub-atmospheric pressure. . According to the classic drapes, the exudates suction zone and the gas / wash zones are different from each other.

MultiCASE + Distillated Water

MultiCASE is a multi-functional system generator and irrigation cartridge specially designed and manufactured for TopiVac Medium Hybrid Wound Treatment System used in wound irrigation and moisturizing processes. With the help of its original design and advanced features of the system, it increases the effectiveness of the treatment by increasing the wound treatment options in the wound irrigation process.

MultiCASE is a system specific to TopiVac, which is used in wound treatment by passing oxygen(O2) or ozone (O3) gas produced by the ozone generator in the system through the bidistillated water, which is kept sterile and used in wound irrigation process, by converting it to ozonized or oxygen- saturated water.

These options can be used depending on the treatment preferences of the physician, improving the efficiency of the wash process, facilitating infection control and accelerating the wound healing process.

TopiSET / MultiDRESS Sub Components

(MultiCase, Canister, Deionized Water, Tens, Electrods, MultiDress, Oxygen Connectors, Scale, Medical Foam, Medical Drape, Skin Cleaner, Single Use Dressing Kit, Medical Waste Bag..)
MultiDRESS (Small / Medium / Large Sizes)
Vacuum, Irrigation and Double Tube Set with Gassing.
For, TopiVac Medium Clinic and TopiVac Professional Clinic Devices
Topivac Medicalfoam Wound Care Negative Pressure Woundcare NPWT Drape and Double Ventouse Track Pad
MultiCASE 1000 ml. (Includes 500 Ml De-ionized Water)
It is used for oxygenating BiDistillated water and obtaining Oxygenated BiDistillated water in wound moisturizing and irrigating. It is also used to ozonize BiDistillated water and to obtain ozonized BiDistillated water.
CANISTER (500 - 1000 ml.) Exudate Collecting Unit
TOPIVAC PU Medical Grade 400 – 600 Por Vacuum Assisted Wound Treatment Foam with Spiral
(Sizes R10, 10x10, 6x15, 13x20 Ellipse, 20x20, 15x30, 20x30, 30x30, 25x45 cm.)
TopiVAC Y Connector PINC Valf O2 / O3 Generator Connection Hose/Tube
500 cc. Sterile BiDistillated Water


TopiVac - TopiSet Practice and Clinical Visual Examples

bed pressure sores with infected necrosis

Case 1: Before Treatment

Infected bed pressure wound with necrosis after treatment, granilization tissue formation with topivac

Case 1: After 9 Days

knee trauma implant fracture wound

Case 2: Before Treatment

Post-treatment knee trauma implant fracture wound healing

Case 2: After 9 Days

diabetic foot, infection and necrotic wound, debrided wound

Case 3: Before Treatment

Post-treatment diabetic foot, infection and necrotic wound, granulation of debrided wound, wound healing

Case 3: After 3 Days

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