Topi A100
Mobile Disposable CLASSIC NPWT Vacuum Assisted Wound Care Therapy Device and Dressing Set

American Board of Wound Management ABWM, American Burn Association ABA, American Professional Wound Care Association APWCA, Association for the Advancement of Wound Care AAWC, Australian Wound Management Association AWMA, Canadian Association of Wound Care CAWC, European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel EPUAP, European Wound Management Association EWMA, National Alliance of Wound Care and Ostomy NAWCO, Wound Care Institute WCI, Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nurses Society WOCN
Topi A100 Classic

ISO 9001 ISO 13485 CE 1984


5 Treatment Vacuum Assisted Wound Care Dressing Set
Including Topi A100 Therapy Device

370.00 €

Topi A100
Topi A100: Wound Care Dressing Set
5 Piece Dressing Set Including Disposable Topi A100 Classic Type NPWT Device Buy Now

Topi A100 Mobile Disposable CLASSIC NPWT Vacuum Assisted Wound Care Therapy Device and Dressing Set

5-Piece Dressing Set Including Disposable Device

Heals wounds more quickly and effectively.

Increases the life quality of the patient and decreases the treatment costs.

Provides ease of use without expert help.

You continue your social life uninterruptedly, without anyone noticing.

Provides you quality life and movement comfort.

Where Is 'The Topi Mobile Disposable CLASSIC NPWT Vacuum-Assisted Wound Care Treatment Device And Dressing Set' Used?

Which treatment is it used for?

Topi A100 Vakum Yardımlı Yara Terapi Cihazı
Topi A100 Mobile Vacuum-Assisted Wound Closure Therapy Device

It is used for the rapid healing of the wound in wound treatments such as Diabetic Foot Wounds, Bedsore, Chronic Wound, Non-Healing Wound, Burn Injury, Infectious Wounds, etc.

Active closure method / topical negative pressure / vacuum-assisted closure / npwt: It is one of methods used for healing open wounds.

It operates under vacuum of -75 mmHg, -100 mmHg, -125 mmHg..

It pulls exudate from the wound centre. It increases granulation. It fastens wound healings.

It is used in wounds with low exudate.

It is not recommended to use before not cleaning the wounds in infectious wounds. It should be used after cleaning the wounds.

It has high healing efficiency by providing granulation in the wound.

It provides ease of use without expert help.

Thanks to its specification and efficiency, it is more efficient, economical, and productive than other wound care products used in the market.

Who can use?

Small dressing sets are designed for patients whose wound sizes are smaller than 100 cm2. If required, it is also used for wounds whose sizes are up to 200 cm2 by using a double dressing set.

It provides ease of use without expert help.

If the person's wound is in the area that he/she can reach, he/she can apply his/her own dressing. In this case, an expert help may not be required.

Consult your physician before use.

General Standard NPWT Wound Treatment, Therapy Protocol

5 wound therapy dressings are recommended in general standard therapies and wound treatment protocols. The first 2 dressings are changed every (max) 48 hours. The other 3 dressings are changed every (max) 72 hours according to the condition of the wound.

A total of 13 days of treatment protocol is applied. Consult your physician about this. Strictly take the treatment protocol of your physician as a basis.

5 Dressing Set Product Information Including Disposable Device

Topi A100 Mobile Disposable CLASSIC NPWT Vacuum-Assisted Wound Care Treatment Device and Dressing Set includes 1 protocol and 5 dressing treatment sterile products.

Followings are included in the 5-Piece Dressing Set Box:
Topi A100 Set Components
Topi A100 Set Components
  • 1 Topi A100 Mobile Disposable CLASSIC NPWT Vacuum-Assisted Wound Care Treatment Device
  • 5 pcs dressing foam set (100 * 100 mm)
  • 5 pcs 75 cc Canister
  • 1 pcs extension hose
  • 1 pcs (30 * 40 cm) Drape
  • 1 pcs device carry bag

You can also dispose of your device after the treatment protocol is over.
Each new set that you will buy has also a device.

Topi A100 Mobile Vacuum-Assisted Wound Care Treatment Device
Topi A100 Vacuum Assisted Wound Closure Therapy Device

Topi A100 Mobile Disposable CLASSIC NPWT Vacuum-Assisted Wound Care Treatment Device

Conventional vacuum-assisted therapy (NPWT) standard negative pressure wound closure device and dressing is an active system that applies controlled local negative pressure to support healing in noninvasive acute and chronic wounds.

Negative pressure in wound healing is a proven, non-invasive wound treatment method. This healing device is needed for applying a controlled negative pressure (sub-atmospheric) to a wounded area.

It continuously draws exudate (wound fluid) from the wound via a special foam dressing set (TopiVac MultiDRESS) applied to the wounded area specially produced for the device, it provides equal distribution of negative pressure to the wounded area. It heals the wound by forming granulation.

The negative pressure wound closure system accelerates tissue healing by increasing microcapillary circulation.

The device and dressing set operates in harmony and integration with each other.

Topi Mobile Wound Closure Dressing Sets
TopiVac Topi Mobile Wound Closure Dressing Sets

Topi A100 Mobile Disposable CLASSIC NPWT Vacuum-Assisted Wound Closure Dressing Sets

Our dressing sets have CE certifications and all kinds of biocompatibility test certificates.

TopiVac/MultiDRESS classic vacuum-assisted wound therapy system is a wound closure dressing set operating under vacuum with a foam. It is a state-of-the-art product that improves the quality of life of the patient and increases the success of the treatment of the physician.

Sets cannot be used alone in wound treatment without the NPWT device, they do not work alone, but are used in vacuum wound treatment if used together with related devices.

Topical vacuum treatment sets help to remove infection and waste materials (exudate) from the wound, to heal the wounds in a shorter time, to form granulation, and to provide a wound control safely, together with the controlled negative pressure created by Topi A100 Mobile Disposable CLASSIC NPWT active Vacuum-Assisted Wound Care Treatment Device.

Application of the Foam to the Wound

While a dressing is applied, the area to which the drape is stuck should be oil-free and clean. For this, the area should be wiped with alcohol or tincture of benzoin before the dressing so that the drape does not leak any vacuum and will stick properly. The wound edges should be cleaned.

Put on your sterile gloves to avoid infecting the wound centre.

Prepare your clean and sterile scissors for foam and drape cutting. If you do not have sterile scissors, disinfect your scissors with alcohol.

Clean the wound centre in line with the advice of your physician and with the method determined.

After cleaning the wound centre, wipe the 5-6 cm2 area of healthy skin tissue around the wound centre from oil, blood, dirt, etc. with tincture of benzoin or similar cleanser.

For your dressing to be successful, be sure to clean the surface of the skin where the drape will adhere before dressing. The drapes to be adhered to the clean skin surface adhere more smoothly and firmly. They may occur problems for adhering the drapes to oily and dirty skin, vacuum leakage may occur.

Eldiveni Takalım Yarayı Temizleyelim Yara Etrafını Silelim

Measure the size of your wound centre by means of the ruler included in the sterile dressing set.

The sterile dressing set includes a 10x10 cm circular-cut wound dressing foam.

Use the ready-made circular cuts in the wound dressing foam by tearing them according to your size or cut the dressing foam according to the shape of the wound centre with clean and sterile scissors to cover the wound according to the size of the wound centre measured by means of the ruler.

Yara Boyutunu Tespit Edelim Yara Pansuman Süngeri Süngeri Keserek-Kopararak Uygun Boyuta Getirelim

Place the dressing foam, prepared according to the wound centre, on the wound centre.

Stick the drape inside the sterile dressing set onto the clean skin tissue and the foam that is centered on the wound centre in a way that there is no vacuum leakage.

Remove the protective film on the drape.

Make a 1 cm2 hole by cutting the drapes over the foam with sterile scissors in a way to center the foam placed on the wound centre.

Süngeri Yara Üzerine Yerleştirelim Drappe ile Sabitleyelim Drappe Filmini Sökelim Drappeyi delelim

You can find an exudate suction set with a suction cup and trackpad inside the sterile dressing set.

Place the suction cup at the end of the exudate set by centering it on the 1 cm 2 hole that you made on the drape.

Holding the trackpad (circular drape) with both hands, open the film tape on the part to be adhered to.

By centering the suction cup on the hole cut on the drape, stick the trackpad on the drape together with the suction cup in a way that there is no vacuum leakage.

vantuzlu track pedli eksude emiş Vantuzu deliğe denk getirelim Track ped film bandını aralayalım

Remove the film layer on the trackpad.

To avoid vacuum leakage, make sure that the trackpad and the drape stuck to the skin stick well by rubbing them with your hand.

In this dressing method, there should be no vacuum leakage. If there is a vacuum leakage in the dressing, it becomes difficult to get the desired result in the treatment.

Track pedi Vantuzla birlikte yapıştıralım film tabakasını sökelim

Changing Of The Dressing Set

If the foam dressing set is worn out, if it remained on the wound for more than 2-3 days, if the adhesive feature of the drape has disappeared, if the vacuum is not be applied, if the hose is blocked, change the dressing set.

Inserting The Canister In The Device

Make a connection so that the arrow mark on the canister collecting unit and the arrow mark on the device face each other. Bring the device to the canister net while inserting.

Make sure that the vacuum holes on the device and canister are opposite. First, insert the part where the short lug is located. And then, insert the part where the long lug is located by pressing. There is an O-ring in the vacuum hole of the device. Do not remove the O-ring. Do not lose it.

While removing the canister, pull the long lug out so that the canister comes out of its nest.

Inserting The CanisterChanging Canister Changing Of A Full Canister
Inserting The Canister / Changing Of A Full Canister

Changing Of A Full Canister

Topi Canister
75 ml Topi Canister

Exudate from the wound is sucked into the canister by the vacuum effect. The canister has a gel that solidifies the liquid.

The exudate taken into the canister is solidified with gel.

The disposable mobile Topi device gives a warning when the canister is full and stops the vacuum function.

A full canister cannot be used in the device.

In this case, change the full canister with a new one to continue the dressing.

Connecting The Canister And Device Component With The Dressing Set

There are connecting hoses on the canister and the dressing set. The dressing hose has a female vein valve.

Canister connecting hose has a male luer lock. Both luer locks are connected to each other by half a turn.

You can use the extension hose with luer lock for an extension

Connecting The Canister And Device Canister and Device Component Connection Diagram
Connection Diagram of Dressing Set, Canister and Device Component

Carry Bag of the Product Connection Location

Our product is designed to help you, our valued users, to be applied wound treatments and regain your health while maintaining your own normal lives without decreasing your standard of living.

You can fasten the device to the closest place where your dressing is located with the device carry bag limb apparatus.

If the dressing and device are at a long distance, you can use the extension hose.

In this way, you can hang the carry bag of your device on your shoulder.

Bag Connection Locations Carry Bag
Topi Carry Bag Connection Locations / Device Carry Bag, Shoulder Strap, Limb Connecting Belt

Topi Starting
Topi Operating

Starting Up Disposable Mobile Topi Device

Step Action Explanation
STARTING 3 seconds When you press and hold the button on the device for 3 seconds, the device turns on.
It starts the therapy with a '-75 mmHg' set value
CHANGING THE VACUUM 1 Clicking While the device is running, the vacuum set value is changed with every click. Respectively, One of the lights of '-75 mmHg', '-100 mmHg', and '-125 mmHg' lights up.
TURNING OFF 3 seconds When you press and hold the button on the device for 3 seconds, the device turns off.

Battery Replacement
Topi A100 Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement of Disposable Mobile Topi Device

We recommend you use 3A batteries in your device.

It is the longest battery-efficient device in the world.

Topi device is used until the battery power level drops to 15%.

Your battery may run out due to vacuum leakage and continuous operation performance.

Before the battery runs out, your device gives a battery warning.

It maintains its effectiveness for at least 30-60 min. depending on the working performance.

In this case, replace the device battery with a new one.

Technical Features Of Disposable Mobile Topi Devices

Product Type: Disposable NPWT Wound Care Device

Sizes: w 72 mm. d 26 mm. h 82 mm.

Weight: 85 gr.

Power: 4,5 V. DC Max. 250 mA, 1,125 W., pcs AAA battery

Operation Mode: Continuous Under Vacuum

Operation Mode Setting: A100 NPWT 3 Mode (-75, -100, -125 mmHg)

Operation Mode Setting: A200 Incision NPWT 3 Mode (-35, -50, -65 mmHg)

Set storage conditions: 5 / 25 C

Operating environment: 5 / 40 C

Max. Vacuum Power: -300 mmgHg

Vacuum flow: 3 Liter / Minute

Operating Life: Operating life of the vacuum pump is 1000 hours.

Sound Intensity dB: Max. 57 dB.

Vacuum measurement precision: % 1.

Warnings: Audible and Visual

Electrical Isolation Class: Class III, IP Class: IP22

Certificates: ISO 13485, CE 1984, EMC, LVD

Device Shelf Life: 3 years under suitable storage conditions

Optional Topi Set Travel Carrying Bag

TopiVac Set Travel Carrying Bag with Zipper, Rigid, Shoulder Strap.

Preserves sterile dressing set components without deformation.

It is capable of including 5 dressing sterile products and disposable Topi NPWT wound care device.

It is sold externally.

Set Carrying Bag Set Carrying Bag
Set Carrying Bag

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