Canister Collecting Unit, MultiCase Irrigation Cup
Vacuum Wound Closure Canister Collecting Unit 75cc – 1000cc & O2/O3 Irrigation Cup MultiCase 1000cc

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TopiSet Canister

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O2/O3 Irrigation MultiCASE & Canister


TopiVac Canister
TopiVac Canister 1000ml
Topi Canister
TopiVac Topi Canister 75ml

It is the collecting unit for Canister TopiVac devices in which the exudate of the wound is pulled. It contains a hardening gel. With the special hardening gel in the canister, it solidifies in the exudate drawn from the wound.

TopiVac brand Canisters are compatible and used with TopiVac Series Wound Care Devices.

Products are sterile and disposable


TopiVac MultiCASE
TopiVac MultiCASE 1000ml

MultiCASE is a multi-functional system generator and irrigating cartridge specially designed and manufactured for TopiVac Medium Hybrid Wound Treatment System, used in wound irrigation and moisturizing processes. With the help of its original design and advanced features of the system, it increases the effectiveness of the treatment by increasing the wound treatment options in the wound irrigation process.

MultiCASE is a system specific to TopiVac, which is used in wound treatment by passing oxygen (O2) or ozone (O3) gas produced by the Ozone generator in the system through the bidistillated water, which is kept sterile and used in wound irrigation process, by converting it to ozonized or oxygen-saturated water.

These options, which can be used depending on the treatment preferences of the physician, increase the effectiveness of the irrigation process, both accelerate the wound healing process and facilitate infection control.

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