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Topivac Medium Device V1 - V2 - V3 - V4
Topical Vacuum Treatment Unit T-NPWT Wound Care

ISO 9001 • ISO 13485 • CE

TopiVac Medium Topical Vacuum and O2/O3 Instillation Assisted O2/O3 Wound Treatment Device

TopiVac Medium is a professional hybrid topical wound healing device. Negative pressure and other methods are applied by dressing sets in order to treat acute, infected and chronic wounds. Along with the vacuum therapy, instillation with de-ionized water, Oxygenated water, Ozonized water can be delivered and provided debridement on wound bed.

TopiVac Medium comes with V1, V2, V3, V4 Clinic functional model devices. Each of the model has own specifications.

It is a wound treatment therapy device developed by TEKNOMAR which has proven itself in wound healing. This treatment unit is needed to apply the hybrid treatment method to the wound area.

TopiVac Medium -Topical Vacuum and O2/O3 Instillation Assisted Wound Treatment Device- has a wide range of disposable consumables to optimize treatment.

Topical Hybrid treatment is provided by the dressing set applied to the wounded area (TopiVac TopiSET) specially produced for the device.

Hybrid Wound Healing Application Functions of TopiVac Medium Topical Vacuum and O2/O3 Instillation Assisted Wound Treatment Device


Conventional vacuum therapy and standard negative pressure wound dressing are intended to treat non-invasive acute and chronic wounds by controlled local negative pressure application on wounds.

Negative pressure wound closuring system is dedicated to increase micro capillary circulation and tissue generation. However, it is stated that infection control is not taken under control and necrotic tissues are not removed totally on wound bed.


Conventional Vacuum Assisted Therapy + Oxygenated Water, Ozonized Water or De-ionized Water


Oxygen or Ozone (efficient on infected, burned tissue regeneration and cellulite)


Conventional Vacuum Assisted Therapy + Oxygen and Ozone


Conventional Vacuum Assisted Therapy + Oxygen (O2) or Ozone (O3) + Oxygenated water, Ozonized water or De-ionized Water.


Electrostimulation provides wound treatment, pain release and granulation polarisation over the wound.


TOPIVAC MediumBesides supporting wound healing over non-invasive acute and chronic wounds by applying local negative pressure; MultiDRESS wound closuring set delivers instillation solution over the wound bed and provides homogenous debridement, removing necrotic tissues without intervene to healthy granulated tissues. This decreases infection risk.


MultiCASE is an instillation functional cup, preserves sterile instillation solution, enrich the solution with oxygen and deliver over the wound bed through MultiDRESS.

Therapy removes necrotic materials away faster thanks to ability of micro deformation. Collagen synthesis, cell divisions and acceleration of cell growth provides effective wound healing.

teknomar topivac TopiVAC, performs Sub Atmospheric pressure on wound bed in order to heal all kind of open wounds. Specially designed dressings are helping to deliver oxygen and ozone gasses along with instillation to boost wound healing.

TopiVAC is developed by Inspiring HBO (Hyperbaric Oxygen) along with considering current ozone, oxygen, instillation and electrostimulation/tens treatments.

Obstacles on the wound healing are diminished by applying all these methods over the wound bed. Length of stay, complications and cost of healing are lowered.

Toxic and necrotic tissues are removed by humidification and instillation mode without collapsing the wound generation.

TopiVAC increases wound healing by delivering medical oxygen throughout the wound bed thanks to functional wound care dressings, avoids anaerobic bacteria growth and helps to increase leukocyte activation.

TopiVAC prevents infections and re-infection risk by applying ozone gas on wound bed. It animates organic functionality; it allows the immune system to be activated in the cellular dimension.

Electrostimulation is based on activating skin, subcutaneous tissues and deep muscle groups with high frequency electrical stimulation. Topivac is able to accelerate the healing process in the wound and muscle tissue with the electrostimulation treatment process and reduce the pain.

TopiVAC; is an advanced technology treatment system that allows the healing of burn tissue and wound in fast and appropriate conditions, away from the risk of infection. Thanks to specially designed wound closure pads, it initiates the healing process by bringing oxygen and ozone under negative pressure to the wound without damaging the tissue.amedus topivac kullanım

TopiVAC; It is a user friendly system which provides high comfort and security to the patient at low cost.

TopiVAC delivers irrigation solution over the wound bed thanks to its specially designed pads. This allows the necrotic tissue to move away from the wound without touching the healthy tissue. It minimizes the risk of infection by making exudate suction from different channels.

TOPIVAC can perform the wound instillation with the choice of physician according to the condition of the wound, ozonized water, oxygenated water, de-ionized water and other medical fluids determined by the physician according to the treatment method. If desired, it can apply to ozone and oxygen treatment only without the use of negative pressure.

teknomar topivac ozon

Thanks to the easy-to-use main and intermediate menu of the device, it allows you to apply the right treatment to the patient as fast as possible according to the type of wound or burn. With the user-friendly software you can make the device ready recipe application; provides the fastest and most accurate treatment for the patient and wound.

Having ergonomic structure and legs allow to carry the device easily.

It is made of antibacterial material which can be cleaned, and used in services and intensive care.

Unlike vacuum assisted closure dressings, it is a complex system and treatment.

WORK PRINCIPLES amedus topivac ozon
  • Removes exudate and necrotic material from wound focus,
  • Provides a sterile, humid environment to maintain tissue functions,
  • Accelerates the healing process with the oxygen given to the wound focus,
  • It eliminates infection and prevents re-infection with ozone gas,
  • It accelerates the healing process in the wound and muscle tissue and reduces the pain due to its electrostimulation feature, which is based on the activation of skin, subcutaneous tissues and deep muscle groups with high frequency electrical stimulation.

TopiVAC; Unlike conventional vacuum assisted dressings, it is a complex system and a form of treatment. Inspired by local HBO therapy; the existing ozone consists of a device and auxiliary closure sets which are managed by combining the oxygen therapy forms with electrotherapy properties.

TopiVAC; unlike conventional vacuum assisted closure dressings, it is a complex system and treatment. The current ozone consists of a device and an auxiliary shut-off set that combines oxygen therapy and electro-therapy properties. It consists of dressing and applications that are combined with current Ozone, Oxygen and Electrostimulation/Tens therapies.

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